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This page contains links to the 2010 posts (in order of date posted).  Feel free to start clicking!

God bless you as you read and may His name be glorified.

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1.      Ministering to your Ministers

2.      The Art of Letting Go

3.      What Are You Looking At?

4.      The Things I Think About…


1.      The Light In The Darkness

2.      The Extent Of Your Influence

3.      I Will Trust In You

4.      Hannah’s Prayer Request

5.      Thrown Off Schedule (and refusing to complain!)


1.      New Direction… next steps

2.      When the King gives the ‘OK’ – Part One

3.      Boaz Is Watching You!!

4.      Don’t Eat Your Blossoms! (A lesson in patience)


1.      The Gift of Mercy

2.      Mutual Attraction? (The Fruit of the Spirit)

3.      The Nature Of Things

4.      Joy Comes In The Morning!


1.      Choosing To Be Led

2.      God sees the heart…

3.      Praise Him With Youthful Praise!

4.      What do you take home with you?

5.      Inconvenient Blessings?

JULY 2010

1.      You and what army?! – 2 Kings 6

2.      What are you wearing? Ephesians 6

3.      When A Saint Dies …

4.      Words That Hurt, Words That Heal…

JUNE 2010

1.      Always …continually … in all circumstances!!??

2.      Praise Ye The Lord!!

3.      Nothing can separate me from His love!

4.      He is still in control!

MAY 2010

1.      When I don’t feel like it…

2.      Roots Intertwined

3.      Fearfully and wonderfully made!!

4.      HELP!! My path is blocked!

5.      “To Be Continued … “

APRIL 2010

1.      GPS- ‘Distracting’ Directions

2.      ‘Emptying The Ocean’ – We have hope!

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