One night as we headed out for a long drive to the airport, we were careful to turn on the GPS and key in the directions to our destination. Although we had taken the journey many times before, we wanted to make sure we arrived ahead of schedule to make sure all was in order for our pre-dawn flight.

As we drove, we decided to listen to a program on the radio. The directions from the GPS soon became a bit of a distraction and because we knew where we were, we were comfortable turning the volume on the unit down so we could concentrate on the radio program. After all, we were on a familiar highway, would be a while before we really needed to consult the GPS. The program ended and soon after soothing music filled the car and I drifted off. I have no idea how long I slept for but I was awakened by the voice of the driver asking what direction he should take next. In my sleepy state, I said:  ”Go left.”  and the next thing I knew we were off the highway and in a town that we did not recognize. Instinctively I reached for the GPS which kept saying ”recalculating, recalculating” as it tried to get us back on the route we needed to take.

Pretty soon the command to turn left was issued. We took one look at the left turn and decided the GPS had to be wrong so we drove past it, peering at the darkened street signs trying to find something familiar. Again, we heard ”recalculating, recalculating” as the unit tried again to identify where we needed to go. Within seconds we were again told to turn left and this time we took the direction without question. We followed as we were led and about 20 minutes later we were back on familiar territory. By this time, the radio had been turned off and all that could be heard in the stillness of the night was the sound of our anxious breathing and the clear voice of our navigator guiding us to our destination.

As I thought of writing. God began to speak to me about my own life… How many times has the voice of God become ‘inconvenient’ to me because I wanted to focus my attention elsewhere? How many times has He recalculated my direction in an effort to get me back on track? How many times have I ignored Him? How many times has He patiently waited to guide me back to the plans He has for me?  (Jeremiah 29:11)

In the Bible, the bridesmaids woke up to the announcement that the Groom was coming … some were frantic and ill-prepared. Others were ready and waiting. (Matthew 24 1-13) When I woke up I was disoriented and confused and had no idea where I was… I think I quickly developed an understanding of how the foolish women felt.

Sometimes we go off-track because of our own doing. Sometimes, He takes us off the track we’re on in order to direct us where He wants us to go. Has your life gone off-track lately? Have you tuned out the voice of God to hear the things you like?  Has God been pushing you in a direction you don’t want to take? Have you been able to silence the ‘recalculating, recalculating …’?  Maybe today is the day to reconsider Proverbs 3:5-6 . When we trust Him, He directs us.

As we followed the direction on the GPS back to the prescribed route, we drove past buildings, ports, ships and so many other unfamiliar sights. It was hard to imagine that we were going the right direction as we seemed to be going away from the highway but we decided not to make the same mistake again so we fully obeyed. Sometimes the path God takes us through seem unfamiliar but our Great Shepherd will lead us. (Psalm 23)

Just like the GPS, God remains faithful and He will guide us. Unlike the GPS, God lives inside of us, His children, and does not need to be programmed or charged up before a trip. On the contrary, we need to lose ourselves in Him and allow Him to power us up and direct us as we take each day’s journey. God is faithful and He will never leave nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5) but we ought to be careful to listen to His voice above the din and noise of our daily activities.

Father, we thank You for the blood of Christ that gives us full access to You and to the directions You have for our lives. We thank You that You see the beginning and the end as one and that as long as we trust You, You will lead us in the right direction. We ask that You would show us Your way and help us to walk in Your truth. May we be content to place our feet in Your footsteps even when it does not ‘feel’ like we’re heading in the right direction. Thank You for Your guidance and direction in our lives. Amen.

Toni R