O send out Thy light and Thy truth: let them lead me; let them bring me unto Thy holy hill, and to Thy tabernacles.Psalm 43:3 (King James Version)

As I sat in church, I saw a woman being led to her seat. She was blind and relied on her cane and the voice of her guide to help her find her way. As she neared the pew, her hand instinctively went out as she felt for something familiar to hold onto and lower herself to the seat. Unfortunately for her, this was a stand-alone chair, set up so it could be moved around to accommodate those with a mobility need. I  watched as she felt with one hand after the other before attempting to use her cane to help her get her bearings. None of that worked. After a while, she stretched her hands forward, allowing the usher and her guide to position the chair. Within seconds she was comfortably seated and participating in the worship service. For me, this was a painful reminder that life does not always go the way we expect.

Have you ever been caught in a moment like that? Is the path so known to you, you could make it at midnight but now you just feel like you’re going in circles? Are you feeling your way around in the dark?  Relying on your trusted cane? Ignoring the gentle whispers of your Guide?  You know where you want to go. You have already reviewed and approved your plans and you’re certain  you’re on the right path. It’s such a familiar place you can get there with your eyes closed but for some reason, it’s not happening.

God knows where you need to be but He will not force you to take His path. He will be near you, watching over you , waiting on you to follow His lead. He will be there to guide you when you decide to give up the struggle. He knows what you need. He has not forsaken you. He will not leave you to suffer if you put your trust in Him.

If you follow His lead, He will certainly guide you in the right direction. It may not be easy for you to give up especially if you’ve fallen before but He is more than able to take care of what you entrust to Him.  Would you give Him the cane and place your hand in His today?

Father, I confess that I am comfortable holding onto my cane as it helps me navigate the storms of life. I also confess that I have not been able to make it on my own because I need You to order my steps.  I have decided to place this ‘cane’ at your feet. I now place my hand in Yours and I will trust You to direct. I choose to trust You. Do not let me be put to shame (Psalm 25:2) but may my life be an example to those contemplating whether to trust Your guidance. I choose to be led by You. Amen


Toni R