Sing to God, sing in praise of His name, and extol Him who rides on the clouds rejoice before Him –  His name is the LORD. A Father to the fatherless, a Defender of widows, is God in His holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families; He leads out the prisoners with singing …Psalm 68:4-6

My heart bled for the old man at the nurse’s desk of our local hospital. He had come in for surgery and according to hospital rules; he had to provide the name of his ‘next of kin’. The nurse read the name on file and my eyes filled with tears at his response “She’s not here anymore”, he said quietly. “She was all I had, but she’s gone two years now. I don’t have anyone else. It’s just me now. I’m all alone.” I was suddenly filled with a deep unexplainable sadness for this man I didn’t know.  I couldn’t help thinking about his loss and how he’d coped. A part of me wanted to tell Him about the Friend who sticks closer than a brother (Proverbs 18:24), but I sat there and said nothing.

Each time I think about the conversation, I wondered whether I could have done anything to ease his pain. We were strangers to each other and I let this fact hinder me from sharing a kind word with him. I so regret this.   That event took place some time ago but it still makes me think a lot.  How many lonely people do we smile with each day? We have no idea how those we pass without so much as a sideways glance are crying out for help? Common sense says to ignore them and carry on with our own lives. The Christ in us says to go out on a limb and help those in need.

Kinship means different things to different people. My friend once told me we don’t get to choose our families – God places us where He places us for a reason. Take a look at the persons God has placed in your life.  Some you may have known a lifetime, others you’ve probably met recently. Each has the opportunity to enrich your life and you have the opportunity to return the favour.

You may not have a ‘next of Kin’ to lean on and you may truly feel like you’re all alone. I know how difficult it can be to find yourself in a place far removed from all that is familiar. I also know how great He is at connecting you to those who will add value to your walk with Him. I pray He will send a flood of brothers and sisters your way to cry with you, pray with you and laugh with you. We may not all look the same but His death and resurrection has made us joint-heirs. We are sons and daughters of The Most High! 🙂

Father, I am grateful for the relationships in my life.  We may not all share the same physical DNA but I am thankful that we are family in You. I pray that You will help us to keep an eye out for each other and to seek out opportunities to support and encourage each other. I pray for those who are physically alone. May they feel Your arms around them today. May they be reminded of Your promise – that You will never leave nor forsake. I pray for those walking through the experience of loneliness.  I pray that You would send the right person to connect with them and help bring joy back to their lives. Above all, I pray that they will have a life-changing experience with You. Set them in families according to Your word and may the days ahead be filled with positive, enriching relationships.

I am thankful that You do not make mistakes. Not one of us was made by accident and we claim Your words in Psalm 139 :16. You saw all of our days before one of them came to be. Help us to spend our lives serving others and pleasing You. Amen.

All scriptures taken from New International Version (NIV). ©2011 at BibleGateway.Com


Toni R

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