My son, keep my words and store up my commands within you. Keep my commands and you will live; guard my teachings as the apple of your eye. (Proverbs 7:1-2)

Collectors invest time and money in securing items of interest. More often than not, these items are then placed in cases and put on display. In the collectors’ world, items that have not been used have the greatest value: comic books, action figures, media pieces … on display and untouchable.

As Christians, we have a reservoir of resources available to us. Bibles, devotionals, books from our favourite authors, CD’s, DVD’s, seminars, conferences and much more. What are we doing with the information we have gathered? Amassing books and Bibles is one thing, but many of us have been gifted with gifts of writing and sharing the Word. What are we doing with the abilities He has bestowed on us?

The Word of God is truly valuable, but it should never be treated as a collectible. There are still many who have not heard His Word. Not only have others not heard, but they may not be able read or write to share their knowledge with others. They cannot guard His teachings because they have not yet heard them.  The United Nations has designated September 8 as International Literacy Day. I am challenging myself to share the gift of literacy over the next three months, and  will be seeking opportunities to help others learn how to read and write. Perhaps by helping others to read and write, we can help share more of His Word and thereby advance the kingdom of God. Would you prayerfully consider taking this journey with me?

Inventory/Introspection: What resources do I have available to help advance literacy? Am I able to volunteer hours to read aloud for others, help proofread homework, or donate books and bibles to my local library?  

Personal Application: Someone at some point taught me to read. I will trust God to help me improve another’s quality of life by helping them with their literacy needs.

Father, thank You for the gifts You have given to me. I am very grateful and I do not take them for granted. I praise You that I am able to read and write, and as such I have the opportunity to share You with others around the world, even in places I have never visited.

Technology has given us the chance to help others learn to read and write. We ask that You would open our eyes to the possibilities, and to reach out to those around us. September may seem afar off, but we only have three months. Help us to use this time to research and put plans in action to help others improve their abilities to read and write, and in so doing, we can use these same opportunities to share Your love through the Holy Scriptures and other literature that glorifies You. Show us where we can make changes to help others learn.

May we be willing to review our personal collections, our talents and abilities as we explore ways of getting the word out, and may You be pleased with our offerings.



POST PUBLICATION EDIT: After I posted the blog, God reminded me of  links /ideas that I could have included in the original piece. Here are the ones I found, please feel free to include others in your comment.


  1.  Minister Desiray’s Blog – Weekly Bible Study in the park
  2. Click  to donate books at THE LITERACY SITE
  3. Volunteer to read at a Children’s home
  4.  Organize a ‘Reading Week’ at your local church

Toni R

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